Piacentini and Partners

PIACENTINI + PARTNERS is a multidisciplinary studio that operates in the global design and technical and management services of both public and private works respecting the surrounding environment.

Professionalism and experience, technology and programming allow to realize the best design solutions, aimed at complete customer satisfaction.

An activity of research on the architectural composition, on the constructive methodologies, on the materials and on the energy saving, create effective and fast solutions to every problem, answers for every request, concrete forms to every desire.

It also offers consulting and certification activities in the field of environmental sustainability, with the search for effective solutions in terms of energy efficiency.

The architectural interventions, different in terms of entity and intended use, all come from the same analytical, integrated and in-depth approach, which accompanies every phase of the project – from site analysis to construction cost management.

All this allows an optimal synthesis from all points of view, thanks to the attention to every detail and to all its possible facets, considering the architecture at the center of an integrated set of services.

PIACENTINI & PARTNERS uses the most advanced technologies both in the field of project design and management, and in the field of graphics with three-dimensional and photorealistic renderings and visualisations realized with highly specialized programs.


Architectural design
Structural Design
Plant Design
Construction supervision

Energy saving
Economic Analysis
Interior Design
Render And Virtual Reality